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Innova M24 Long Arm Quilting Machine

Innova M24 Long Arm Quilting Machine

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Building on the INNOVA Classic’s strengths, the M Series INNOVA quilting machines were designed with the latest in technology, combining both beauty and refined engineering.

The INNOVA boasts having the fastest motor, lowest maintenance, most reliable stitch quality, and best customer service available today in the longarm quilting community.

The only maintenance that your INNOVA will require is general cleaning of thread lint buildup and regular lubricating of the hook race in the bobbin area of your machine!

With class leading stitch quality, no down-time, and extreme versatility, the INNOVA is sure to please.

Included with INNOVA Systems:

  • Style "M" large capacity hook for fewer bobbin changes
  • Set of leaders
  • Bobbin winder
  • Acrylic ruler base with latches
  • Bobbin storage tube with 4 bobbins
  • Size 16 needles (4 pack)
  • Dust cover
  • Set of hex keys
  • Needle threader
  • Tweezers
  • Sample thread
  • Oil bottle
  • Integrated needle laser light
  • Lightning Electronics Stitch Regulation
  • Cooling system for increased life
  • Platinum 10-Yr Warranty

Software Compatibility

The M Series has been constructed with a sleek design in mind—all wiring is now internal. It also features 64-Bit software, which has more power to execute a greater number of tasks, such as initiating a new pattern. This means that your software will run faster and bring less headaches. The updated M Software has bigger buttons, altered layouts, and a horizontal orientation for enhanced user interaction.

M Series software is simple to launch as most of the hardware is already built into the machine. For quick installation, simply plug in the provided hardware and activate the software with a personal serial number provided after purchase.

AutoPilot Mach3

Adding this digital system will increase your efficiency and productivity by automating patterns and allowing the machine to quilt for you! This software features our Perfect Corner Technology that will help you achieve precise 90° angles every time.

Stitch Regulation

INNOVA longarm quilting machines are shipped with our Lightning Stitch regulator. The stitch regulator regulates the machine speed based on operator movement to control the stitches per inch in and out of corners as well as in turns and tight radii. It is fully programmable through the PLC operator interface. The number of stitches per inch are adjustable from 2-22. When in regulated mode, the machine will automatically accelerate and decelerate based on the quilting operator's movements. Among the many functionalities included are cruise and basting mode.



All INNOVA machines are equipped with a 3000 stitch per minute one horse motor. This allows for faster more efficient quilting and better stitch regulation. The strong motor is capable of piercing multiple layer seam allowances without stalling. Coupled with the patented hopping foot, it easily accommodates the bulk found in the most difficult areas of your quilt. M Series motors have also been relocated to be in line with the lower drive shaft, stabilizing the center of gravity and improving machine smoothness.


INNOVA has the largest driveshafts of any longarm quilting machine on the market today. They are supported by sealed ball bearings which eliminate the need for oiling or greasing the upper end of the machine, ensuring that your quilts stay clean.

Optional Equipment

  • Electric Lift System

    With the push of a button quickly raise and lower your complete INNOVA system up to 11” in height.

  • Power Advance

    Easily wind and unwind the take up roller by adding this industrial gear drive motor with driver.

  • Light Bar

    Light up and enhance your quilting experience with the INNOVA Light Bar.

  • Crosshatch Ruler System

    INNOVA’s exclusive built-in Crosshatch Ruler can be added to the Pro-Frame for multiple angle crosshatching.

  • Side Spool Holder

    Feel confident running many specialty threads, such as metallics, silks, cottons, and MonoPolies.

  • Crank Handles

    Add the precision engineered INNOVA Crank Handles to aid in rolling your fabric.

  • Thread Break Sensor

    This sensor monitors your work and notifies you if your thread breaks.

  • Ruler Base

    Removeable acrylic table that latches into position on the sew head base, providing support for your ruler work.

  • Magnifying Lens

    When performing micro stippling (or for those of us that just can’t see well) the INNOVA magnifying glass is a welcome attachment.

  • Specialty Feet

    Customize your system with the type of hopping foot that best suits your use.

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